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Giusto de Menabuoi and his colours

Autumn and winter are perfect season to visit small towns spread around Italy, all so charming and often so hidden: this time we suggest you a little trip to Padova, and to the baptistery frescoed by Giusto de Menabuoi. Padova is a town full of history. Walking around you may see the tower where Galileo Galilei studied the planets, admire Giotto frescoes in "Cappella degli Scrovegni", visit one (if not the most) ancient university garden where plants where studied ... Those who love music may also be interested  in visting the grave of Giacomo Tartini,  buried in the  small church of St. Caterina, near the more famous Basilica di Sant' Antonio. Turistic guides will take you also to see the world first permanent anatomical theater of the world,  at the University. As you see, Padova is plenty of monuments to visit, but if you go, we really recommend you Giusto de Menabuoi and its frescoes.

 baptistery of the Dome of Padova baptistery of the Cathedral of Padova

The baptistery is a little medieval jewel, located near the Cathedral, in the center of town, made in typical bricks. When you enter, I am sure you'll be immediately captured by the light and the colours of the frescoes. I suggest you to buy one of the guidebooks they sell inside, to better understand all the episodes and the stories painted on the walls. What really emotioned us is that the "minor scenes" are incredibly lively, and painted with wonderful cromatic effects.

Look at this picture, for instance: somebody is bringing a chicken to feed St. Elizabeth, the mother of John Baptist. Isn't it wonderful? And look at the fresh colours, green, violet, pink, yellow! After so many centuries (Giusto de Menabuoi was known as artist since 1363 and died before 1391) they are still there to fill our eyes and our hearts with Beauty.


We loved so much this colours, that we decided to bring them, if ever possible, in our collections of towels, in pure linen.

linen towels with roses and pomegranates linen towels with roses and pomegranates

Linen has always been considered a most precious fabric, and these towels with their elegant colours , their traditional patterns and their generous sizes really are a nice present, for a  friend as well as well as for yourself. I am sure you will soon get affectionated to them, and to the atmposphere they can create: they are traditionally loomed, and the quality of the linen used give them a special light. Believe me, they are really, really beautiful, and we will soon increase this item in colours and patterns.

Ciao !


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