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mercatino dei granai, belmond cipriani

September 18th. A day started with rain and dark clouds,  grey waves in the Venice lagoon and seagulls flying low on water, has turned in a sunny, warm, joyful Sunday at Cipriani! Helleborum had the privilege to participate to the event of Mercatino dei Granai, at Belmond hotel Cipriani, located at Giudecca, in Venice.

A wonderful frame to introduce more and more people to the products selected by Helleborum; Cipriani cereal warehouses were originally used to store cereals, and have recently been restored and destinated to new uses, such as the exclusive exhibition of Sunday 18th.

The atmosphere was perfect: a party rather than a show. People were talking friendly, acting relaxed, feeling "at home".  Those approaching our stand were very impressed about the amount of colour of our slippers (yes, we know we should stop  calling them slippers, since  they are perfect for a walk outside during sunny days!), and to realize how  comfortable they are!

Cipriani 3

Also our gold pottery were appreciated:  Christmas is not so far and many already chose our golden dishes already thinking about their Chrismas Eve. I think that, when you are surronded by Beauty, and Venice is beauty, where Cipriani is an important part of it, you naturally change your perspective and start thinking to more durable and beautiful things to use in your daily life. Speaking frankly in a word full of  garbage isn't it better to use pottery instead of disposable dishes? Isn'it i better to eat the most simple food, let's say, white rice, but in a golden bowl, not only for ourselves, but to celebrate the gift of food and to better respect it.


Speaking about else, our stand became a kind of attraction even for kids: not only adults, but also kids really appreciated baskets made in neoprene: so soft, colourful and perfect for many uses!Cipriani 2

At the end of the day, we were very happy to have met so many people, sharing with them time, opinions, ideas. Thanks!


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