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Winter in St. Moritz

st. moritz1This year, we thought that a trip to St. Moritz, in Switzerland, was the perfect way to welcome winter. We always look for occasions to meet new people, to show our products, to understand what people like.

St. Moritz really is an enchanting place, dominated by the Alps, shining in the winter light.  On December 7th we participated at the Christmas market held in the center of the town, exhibiting a selection of our items.

Velvet slippers are really becomming a must: warm, comfortable, elegant. Expecially in winter they are very useful: you can put in your bag and, when you enter a frend's house, live your dirty shoes outside and wear them on. I suggest you to have them in many color to match with what you're wearing at the moment.

And I think this is the reason why slippers were so appreciated also in st. Moritz. People were really interested in them.

Also, linen products from Alto Adige  cought the attention, thanks to the  brightness of their colours and to  the thickness of their fabric.

At the end of the cold, exciting day, we were really happy. We had the possibility to  see the wonderful Bernina, shining in the icy light of a cold December day, to meet interesting people, and ... taste a wonderful chestnut cake made with local chestnuts!st. moritz rita

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