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winter salad with parmesan and Radicchio di Treviso

Parmesan chese is always yummy, but salads are usually quite neglected in winter. You come back from work, late in the evening, have met only cold and dark all along the way home ... you absolutely need something hot to eat, to warm you up and change your mood. But even in winter, salad can be really tasty and yummy. If you have somebody to invite at the last minute, and want to charm him or her with something original, maybe sipping a glass of good wine, try this salad with Radicchio di Treviso and Parmesan cheese!

For four person you will need:

  • 3/4 head of Radicchio; the original one is quite long, if you find a shorter one you may need four;
  • 4-5 walnut kernels for each person;
  • 1 pear (it must be quite ripened but not too much; the one in the picture is a variety called "kaiser" and it is quite perfumed and not too juicy);
  • 250 gr of steamed chickpeas (weigh them when cooked, and a vase of precooked will also fit perfectly to your need)
  • 120 gr of Parmesan chese cut in thin chip
  • two stalk of celery
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 5 spoons of extravirgin olive oil
  • red wine vinegar to taste

Rinse well the salad, removing the hard part on the base, and cut the leaves in about two centimeter long pieces. Remove the skin of the pear and the hard part inside,  cut it in very thin slices. Rinse the chickpeas and dry them.  Wash and cut in thin pieces the celery stalks (you may prefer the inner ones, that are softer, but then  you may need one more stalk, because the inner are also shorter). Cut in very thin chips the Parmesan cheese.

Take four dishes and distribute the ingredients in each one: first the salad, than the celery, the pear, the chickpeas, the parmesan cheese and on top the kernels.

Keep two spoons of parmesan and mix them with five spoons of extravirgin olive oil (the italian one really has a special taste!) a little salt, and red .   Add this sauce on top.

salad ready to serve Dinner is ready!

And what to drink? Treviso (north east Italy) is not only the mainland of the wonderful, sweet crunchy salad you see in this blog, but also of Prosecco ... Follow your taste whether you prefer white or red wine. Hope you will enjoy!

dishes: Aleta Ramirez, available on this website

tablemat: Franz linen, available on this website

ingredients: chose a reliable grocer!

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